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Hammock Harbor Apartments


Amina is racists when black family move in she try her best to get them evicted she lost her right to evicted people so she try to get the head people to do by keep sending notes to the black people door lying saying the did stuff the didnt do.

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Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC. Review


I bought my home in 2007 and included my mother on the deed so she would have a ‘home’ as that was one of her dreams. FWD to Jan of 2012. I became totally disabled and the very next month my mother passed away. During that time I struggled and fought to keep my home […]

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Gettel Toyota of Bradenton


Purchased a new vehicle from this dealer in April, 2019. As I had done previously with other dealers through the years I intended to trade a vehicle in and sell/trade-in another. Previous experiences had always been positive in that regard in that a decent Blue Book trade-in was allowed as well as very acceptable purchase […] View the full review and complaint for Gettel Toyota of...

Yossi Salon


yossi salon yossi konorti false advertising, bad haircut and color woodland hills, California – I recieved a “neighborhood special” from Yossi Salon which offered a…

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it looks like a shady place


For those of you who are wondering what is this fancy name all about, well, this is basically an automobile retailer in the united states of America. they are known for providing the best automobile services in the united states of America, whenever there is anything to do with the united states of America things start to get a […] View the full review for it looks like a shady place on...

He fooled me and his company Goldman Sachs did nothing!!


Kevin Citron the VP of Goldman Sachs diddled me over a year ago and the company said that they would investigate but they did nothing of the sort. They totally ignored my emails and kept stalling me for months. Is this what is expected from a company this big and reputed? They know who i […] View the full review and complaint about He fooled me and his company Goldman Sachs did nothing...

The Driveshaft Shop


The Driveshaft Shop Will not stand behind products, inept, discourteous, ignorant, dishonest and thieving Salisbury North Carolina!! On or around 8/14/07, after many phone consultations with Frank Rehak regarding his required measurement procedures, i ordered a set of custom axles. When these were ordered, Frank told me that the measurements were odd, so i had […] View the Scam and Fraud...

Jessica Boarman Virginia


After I got out of the military, I finally got to come home to my husband and be a normal married couple. A month after I was out my husband kicked me out of our house because he decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. He led me on for eight months about getting […]

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