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It is a sham. Stay far away from these guys.


They’d rip you off and steal your money like it was nothing. I had given them my car and they kept it for 6 weeks. It was supposed to stay there for 2 weeks at max. Not only that, they didn’t even service it properly. They removed some of the original parts of the car and replaced them with cheap knock-offs. There aren’t enough words to describe their incompetence and unprofessional behavior...

Pedophile Army Captain Charlie Powell (Manchester, Salford)


Charles Powell mens health cover star has been jailed for two and a half years for pedophilia after spending the night with a 12-year-old girl. He messaged a friend to boast: ”Mine was decent. Nailed that bird, unreal bod” – and also described her as ”filth”. Charlie Powell (an real estate agent & ex army captain) from Ketton, Stamford Lincolnshire who now lives in Manchester filmed her on...

EMILY DEADMAN using guys for getting some jobs


EMILY DEADMAN AKA MS EMILY DEADMAN is a organization that makes use of song artists. i forget which who made a net internet site to take preserve of the hobby of truely every body he is a fan of. The strategy of EMILY DEADMAN AKA MS EMILY DEADMAN is nearly no longer solely threatening but moreover can motive a trouble in phrases of viable copyright violations which can be argued anywhere in the...

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