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Immortal Nitro/True Muscle


I originally signed up for a free sample of the supplement called headlock. I also agreed to a free sample of a muscle builder form of headlock. I paid shipping and received the samples in about a week time. After another 2 weeks I received a notification from my credit card company asking about an unauthorized purchase. I called my credit card company and they told me there were two charges from...

mcdonald’s of lakeluke store 329-6997 houghton lake mi


Complaint: a fire started in a deep fryer (vats), and was put out with a fire extinguisher, the residue was left in the grease from the night before, and food was served from that same fryer the next day, to customers and employees. When the grease was finally changed two AA batteries were also found. Apparently none of the other employees cared about what they were serving to the customers...

Spyusavin Review


Following an email exchange about a car I was selling on Craigslist, the user Larry Boyd sent the following email requesting I send him a VIN report for the vehicle:“I’d suggest you to generate the report on because they give the most trustful report in my opinion. I don’t want to pay for it because if it’s bad then I will not buy your vehicle and that would be wasting money...

el Mercado latino LLC branson Missouri Review


I was a good customer here! At this Mexican store! That’s right across from me!- where I live to go shopping for food! Until yesterday!- when all of a sudden the cashier man who works there got a stink attitude with me once I asked for a receipt!- that he failed to give me this time! When he should have given me in the first place! like before!- and slammed the items I paid for on the...

Scanno Advertising Irvine California


Complaint: I applied to Southern California Marketing, Inc. looking for a job. With in less than 12 I received an email from them wanting me to come in for an interview signed by a Sarah Calderon from Human Resources. Almost 5 hours latter I received a phone call from them wanting me to set up an interview for the next day. I was excited but a little werry because I know that there are companies... Brampton Ontario Review


DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They are clearly fraudulent and seem to make a habit of taking people’s money without actually providing any product in return. nI ordered a canopy replacement and was provided with only minimal communication regarding a delay. From that point on I spoke with them regularly and was given conflicting information by the same person every week for a couple of...

Shannah Hamilton Fontana, California California


This whore is lowest of the low. She took my father and turned him into a complete asshole. It makes me sick to my stomach to write this knowing she is currently living in my home. My father started acting different towards my mother…fighting and what not. He kept blaming my mother for shit that happened over 30 years ago all of a sudden and that’s when I knew something was up. He’d...

ECO ecl CA


We got a call from a rep. from ECO ecl CA supposedly selling home improvement/repair. He had a New York or New Jersey accent. They were fronting a Campbell CA number 1 408 963-6994. Obviously they are not calling from there. Why are we seeing so many companies trying to pass off a a local number/company? I am on the do not call list so this is totally illegal. I told him so and asked him to take...

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