Sumit Gaddh


Sumit Gaddh frauds you in the name of property renting A few months before, I was traveling to Broward County, Florida. That is when I…

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Big O Tires


Big O Tires ( Store Manager Michael Leppard) Charged me for thimgs I didn’t need or agree on. Desert Hot Springs California!!. I went in to Big O Tires to get my tires roatated. They said my tires have worn and I needed an alignment so I said ok, then he came back with my […]

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Resort Condominiums International [RCI] Review


Resort Condominiums International [RCI] I was just told today 17 October by Evelyn and Marelie Dorsling at RCI that in order to attempt to obtain a successful booking with a banked rci week internationally that I should look to put my name on a waiting list in excess of 2 years before I intend to […] View the full Consumer Alert for Resort Condominiums International [RCI] Review on BEWARE...

C Company caliing saying I owed them money. I paid all my payday loan off. They calling my job every 10 minutes telling my coworker that owed money which I dont. Florida, Internet!!

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unversal moters


unversal moters my son had gotten a suv from them two years ago when something went wrong with the truck they wouldnt fix it when it had the warranty on it. then my son went there to talk to someone there the owner didnt want to work with him getting a nother truck and had […]

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