A1 Transmission Red Deer


A1 Transmission Red Deer repeatedly tried to fix transmission causing more damage red deer alberta!!. I took a rebuilt transmission to be installed in my lifted truck to A1 transmission. I had provided the transmission, got a quote and time frame of when work to be completed. i went ahead with the work and waited as my truck was used for work so i missed out on days worked due to truck being repaired. i waited the time frame as i was told that it take to replace transmission, went to go pick up truck paid the $2500 and made it 30 kilometers at most, transmission had stop working, temperture was normal. looked at dipstick to see fluid level, transmission fluid smelled burnt. and this was at 4:30 in the morning on my way to work. i left the truck on the highway and returned home in a taxi and took my significant others vehicle. i called the transmission shop and told them what had occured, he called me later to tell me they forgot to flush the transmission oil cooler (which was plugged with metal shavings) and caused the transmission to fail, (my newly rebuild transmission now junk). i asked them as to what they had planned on doing to make this right, i was informed “they would take care of it”. i went to pick up my truck for a second time paid another $1500 and found damage on my drivers side door on the rear part half way up the window, asked about it, and was informed it was backed into the hoist inside and again “they would take care of it”. i took the truck home, noticed the transmission not shifting correctly. returned to the truck later finding a puddle of red transmission fluid leaking underneath it. i looked under it and found the transmission pan was cracked and leaking. took it back again, he asked if i ran something over and was attempting to blame me for this crack in the oil pan (transmission). now my truck has a lift and clears 37″ mud tires, what am i gonna drive over to clear the front diff to damage the oil pan. seriously! i had to get another truck to take to work as this had been long going now, it got done and i was out of town working, i asked my other half to pick it up after i paid another bill for the “shift solenoid” to be changed. it never fixed the shift problem, and when my significant other had picked it up and was bringing it to me 4 hours away, it broke down on her and i called the shop and they came with their own deck truck to pick up the truck, she called me when she was got to the shop and said they drove 15 kilometers per hour to town, and proceeded to tell me the rear dual tires were about to fall off as the wheel lug nuts were nearly falling off and the truck was amking a horrible noise. i finally got back to town from work and went to pick up my truck again, and it still never shifted properly, finding more damage on my truck on the front of the push bar. took it home and it has never operated properly and i have not taken it back to that shop due to damage to my truck every time it went in and or the problem was not resolved or fixed. not sure how this shop has ever survived and now i hear all the horror stories about it after i had taken it to them. lesson learnt, stay away from A1 transmission.

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