Al Ali Hossam


Al Ali Hossam, Ali Hossam, Ali A. Hossam ,Al Ali Hossam A. Scammed colleagues to loan him money, property destruction, zero ethics and integrity. Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus Ohio!!. This person has offered his driving services to American Way Trucking, Inc., a trucking firm located in Dayton, OH. Mr. Hossam has a tendency to break the law. He damaged our business property. He borrowed money from his managers under false reasons and never returned the borrowed funds. On one occassion he borrowed $500 from one person and $500 from another to pay for his wedding expenses in April 2018. Afterwards, he went missing and was later located travelling in Jordan (Middle East). We later found out that he was already married at the time when he was asking us money for his “fake” wedding. He is also verbally abusive and emotionally unstable. We still have his violence provoking text messages. He is a rookie con artist and pathological liar. Stay away from using his driving services. You will regret a lot for the rest of your life. He gave us nothing but material damages, headache and painful disappointment in human race.

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By anita

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