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Allegan Transmission Rebuilt a tranfer case in 2003 chevy duramax truck. Had it back 7 times over 1.5 yr and replaced with a reman one myself and works like a charm. Never gave me my money back as they said thry woul. Internet!!. Brought my 2003 chevy truck to them for a new transfer case. They rebuilt and had to bring back becaues of leak and would not shift into 4wd without big bang noise. Long story short this went on 7 different times. They tryed to replace other parts as front actuater motor front pinion and even took my computer down from undernethe the dash and never put it back in cradle that holds it and it fell down as I was braking causing me to take evasive actions to not crash as the box was in the way od brake pedal. I put it back in cradle myself. After paying another 2200.00 at weller auto I put a new reman transfer case in myself and shifts like a dream. They were going to give me my 2200 to cover but renigged on that too. I have emails from Mike stating they were sory and would work with me. After a motorcycle deer accident I was down for 8 months and they pimped me because they neww I could not get out. Very poor service and the treatment of me and my vehicle is the poorest I have ever had anywhere!!

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