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AM Used Auto Parts [email protected], 1-866-548-2444, AM Used Auto Parts LLC 2012,3601 N 15th Street, Tampa FL 33605, AM Used Auto Parts Sophia Martinez 1440 Marshall Ave Saint Paul MN 55104, Fax 1-813-436-3227 They refused to give me a refund Saint Paul Minnesota!!. I ordered a used 5.7 chevy motor which was supposed to be a complete engine for $899. when I recieved it from UPS the motor was wrapped in clear plastic wrap. But was Clearly damaged. The distibuter cap was there broken but the rest was missing besides the shaft. They coil was broken the oil pan was smashed as was oil filter. It had heavy oil all over the block and looked like it had been in a dirt field on its side in water. It was rusted and all gummed up Fan was broken Mounting brackets were all bent. This engine looked 10 times worse than the one I was taking out. They said when I called that everything that was broken were accessories and they didnt matter. After saying they could not do anything they laughed and said to send it back and they woiuld refund my money. I called for a price to send it back and it was going to cost me $2400. I called again and complained and they gave me no answers or service. I emailed them several times with pictures of motor and they finall answered that they would send me a “real used distributor” but needed my address which they have. So I responded to the email and gave them my address. Never recieved anything from them. The warranty is only activated if the motor is installed within 15 days by a certified mechanic. BUT before installation ALL gaskets and SEALs must be replaced. LOL you may as well rebuild the whole motor if u do that. They told me all engines were steam cleaned and that they had been run tested. This motor never had run in many years.

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