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America Trucking LLC Gulfport MS RIPPED OFF GulfPort Mississippi!!. In March my Husband traveled to Gulfport MS to pick up a semi truck. We were told it would be ready in two days, but first they needed the down payment wired. This was after paying the initial fee of $500.00. Well it was two weeks later and mostly on our dime, they paid for a couple of nights, after threatening to walk out and we wanted a refund. The salesperson called me at home to let mw know how happy we would be by waiting. Needless to say everything out of their mouths are lies, we were told engine was rebuild.. Not so it started leaking anti-freeze shortly after driving off of the lot. Hundreds of dollars in coolant to limp it to a Volvo dealer. Had to take the time off to get this fixed 1400.00 later. And what a surprise there computer system was down so they could not pay the dealer their portion! This time period was during their supposed warranty… what a load of B.S. We were supposed

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