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AmTrust Financial Nation Safe Drivers Sold an extended insurance warranty that duplicated my Auto Insurance full coverage and would not cancel after I requested them to. Boca Raton Florida!!. Sold as a “warranty that would last the whole time I owned the vehicle, and would pay me $6000 if the vehicle was stolen and a total loss”. This “TheftShield” policy is a warranty scam. The dealer “Liberty Nissan of Libertyville, IL”, sold this warranty, underwritten by AmTrust Financial. Nation Safe Drivers is the “administrator” of the warranty and claims that on page 2, line 3 of the warranty that because the protection that was applied to the vehicle was”non removable” I could not cancel the warranty. I have in my possession, the only page that I was given to sign for this warranty. It is actually the White top copy with my ‘Live” signature on it with the “live” signature of the finance manager of Libertville Nissan. At the bottom of the page, there are three notations of White-Warrantor/Guarantor, Yellow-Dealer, and Pink-Customer. Page 2 does not exist on the form that I signed. I am requesting the full amount of $399 refunded to me as this warranty is already covered by my insurance, and I was not shown any other paperwork, nor did I sign anything that says I cannot cancel this warranty.

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