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astro spy technologies deception Canoga Park, California!!. I was looking at franchises and somehow my phone number drop into astro spy technologies, I was looking at asvertisement, once my phone drop on their siite by accident, they started calling me all the time and it was persistent, in a sense I was not interested; the man offered me half price to get started so I thought I do it, then they call me a couple of weeks later to get the other half of the $2500. so I consented maybe it may be beneficial after all> Then David got my information and started charging my credi card two times in a month for 1250,they was taking monies for 1250 and sending half back said it was my commssion while he kept the other half I was furious and I told him He dont do that, he say I acknowledge it and he was going to take it, I had to cancel my credit card, I charged it back to my credit card company, and told him I didnt want his company and david was furious, then He said he was going to take action, I was suppose to make money he put 3000 back on my credit card and then said all I was going to get was the flyers. I advise him I didnt pay for that, to send people to his business and I dont make money, if he had that in his ad about flyers, I would never bother with him, it was to be selling gps systems which I then sent people to the site, I know some people may have purchase but I never got the monies, David said I wont get any monies, he charged up my credit card for his and his company benefit, then paypal accidentally put the chargeback of 4900 on my account and david didnt send it back to me wanted to pay in bits and pieces, my credit card was charged over $7000 from astro spy, and all I got was a box of 250 flyers for his company, who pays 7000 for 250 flyers?????, I never will make monies, it seems he position people and possibly others to take monies from them, I dont think his business is doing well….I work with a lot of people in business but I never had someone just charge me up like that on my charge card, why dont he go after wealthy people and do that do, I am fighting to get those unauthorized charges off my account, I dont know this man never seen him and dont know who he is and personally dont want nothing to do with him and his business,. for him to say I wont make any monies, I talk with other peoples and they said he needs to be stop and other things I wont mention

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