AUDI AUDI OF FORT LAUDERDALE THE WORST DEALERSHIP ON EARTH Fort Lauderdale Florida!!. I leased a brand new A8 and turned in a Mercedes Benz (the worst decision I have ever made). Not only is this delaership full of cons, they lie, they cheat and they make stuff up to get you to sign. It’s the text book USED CAR sales tactics used in buying new cars. Their General Manager, Adam is probably the biggest of the cons there… but I guess that is what you need to do to keep your dealership in business. After completely signing off on my 2 year old Mercedes with an “Excellent Condition” reposrt, a month later Mercedes sends me a bill for scratches, dents and missing keys and AUDI says “it is what all car compnaies do to squeeze more money out of customers.” NOT SO FAST… This is not the case and AUDI after many conversations and commitments to take care of the issue, leaves it in my lap over and over. If you think you may like an AUDI, I did… Make sure your dealership is not run by a bunch of sleezy cons. Fort Lauderdale Audi is the worst experience I have ever had in my life and makes me hate this car.

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