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Auto Fever Inc Owners Name: Ahmed M Abuelenen, Also found in LetGo Under the name of Laura Paloumpis, Also listed as Auto Fever without the Inc. FRAUDULENT PAPERWORK,, JUNK CAR, SCAMMED OUT OF $4400 Tampa FL!!. Was sold a 2016 Dodge Charger from Auto Fever Inc owner Ahmed M Abuelenen on 3/23/2018. The owner stated the Charger had 75,000 miles on the engine and the dash had 215,000 miles. Meaning he had the engine replaced and provided paper work to show this. The car drove well during the test drive and on the way home. The engine was knocking within 4 hours. Took the car back next morning asked for a refund. Owner refused. Called company on paper work stating the engine was replaced. Found out the engine was never replaced and got a signed and notarized statement from the company stating the paper work was fraudulent. Took the car and paper work back to the car dealer ship. He got loud and angry and still offered no refund. Drove the car a total of 3 times. Once to bring it home after purchase, 2nd to take it back and 3rd to try and bring it back again. The last time the car barley made it home. The cars engine is knocking, smoking, wheels shaking, and will not accelerate over 40. hour. Now currently sits in the yard and does not start as of 3/28/2018.

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