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On moving day, they had the wrong zip codes for pick up and deliverynand ran out of gas, arriving 6 hours late. Shipment did not fit in thentruck so a second truck was sent. Loading the trucks on moving day tooknfrom 2 pm to 10:30 pm. Furniture was improperly wrapped without movingnblankets to protect it and was consequently damaged. Four boxes, mirrornbox, king sized mattress and box spring, and christmas tree werenattached to the outside of the truck (back of the cab and back of thentrailer). Assessed charges for shrink wrap, fuel, long carries, cratingna plasma television and moving a piano – all of which were included innour contract. Claimed the shipment was overweight without presentingnany weight certificates. They demanded $3400 additional. It was a 12nhour day of their refusing to unload the truck unless morenpayment was made. The additionalnweight and charges total $3400 more than our contract. Company has been completely unresponsive to mynrequest for the refund. As of 10/28/09 I now find out that any moves they have done up until at least this date were performed without having a valid household goods moving license. Without a valid license any moves they are performing are

19801 BRAMBLE BUSH DR Gaithersburg, Maryland United States of America


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