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Billion automotive Billion jeep eagle and chrysler Fraud. Misrepresentation, misleading sales tactics. Sioux falls South Dakota!!. Please read and repost everyone should read this, these huge cooperation’s are making billions of dollars from us and then throwing us under the bus. Be a good friend just one day and help me get as many likes and shares as possible. The justice department filed fraud misrepresentation, and deceptive business practice charges against Billion automotive in late 2014, and it seems they are back at it again. And since there is no other way to post a complaint on billions site. So this is the next best thing. About a year and a half ago I bought a dodge challenger from them, almost 30,000.00 including the cost of an extended warranty. This past Monday driving down 12th street before the rain or snow my front steering knuckle broke 2 passers by stopped to help because they saw it happen. So I bring it to billions. There service department looked at it for all of 5 minutes out in the snow, and told the warranty company that it was collision damage. Now I have myself and 2 witnesses to the knuckle breaking while I was just driving straight down the road. As I explained it to the service advisor he was sarcastic, rude, then lied to me and said his boss was gone I called the regular switchboard and surprise surprise his boss was in. They talked me into paying about 3 thousand dollars for that extended warranty and then just to find out they come up with any reason even if untrue to get you to pay out of pocket because warranty work pays them less. So I had it towed to the largest savage yard in the tri state area. They see thousands of damaged vehicles every month. The also rebuild them. The parts that are broken are made from cast steel. The force needed to break one clean in half would have totaled the car I don’t have a scratch, cast steel bends iT doesnt break in half. The shop I ended up taking it to actually removed and inspected the part and saw that the casting was bad on the knuckle which caused the failure. If billions would have done the same thing they would have seen the hollowness and severe poring on the part, but they did not. The service writer, the service manager after again just looking at it in the snow both called me and the two witnesses liars and just kept telling me it happened in a collision. So to them it does not matter how it happened they wouldn’t even call the other drivers to verify what I had told them instead their 5 minute parking lot inspection somehow made them feel that no matter what what really happened they can just screw anyone anytime. They pushed the service plan on me and when I went to use it they misrepresented the facts. It wouldn’t surprise me if billion don’t get a kickback from securenet whenever they can deny a claim for any reason. The shop I took it too not only photographed the bad part. They signed an affidavit stating the part was poorly molded. Luckily I have a good insurance company even though there was no accident they are going to represent me and file suit against billions and the service contract company to recover my cost of repair, rental and anything else that applies maybe fraud we will see if anyone else has had this problem with them this is why this story must be shared. If you or anyone have had a poor dealing with billions please leave a message on my Facebook page according to the attorney if enough people have had the same problem they will file a class action suit. Just beware of billions they will try to sell you extended warranties and then make sure your unable to use it when needed. So buyer beware their not worth the paper they are wrote on and to remind the service writer, the service coordinated, then the manager treated me horribly didn’t care that other drivers were present and witnessed the whole incident they were unprofessional rude and insulting any business that treats people like this deserves to go broke. They care about money more than the customer that chooses to spend thirty grand on a vehicle from them. Shame on them. So if your reading this please share with everyone you know to warn them. They have an awful business plan instead of taking care of their customers they will do anything to make as much off you as possible then let you stand there swinging. Its wrong they don’t deserve this communities business. Remember pm me or message me if you’ve ever had a similar experience. If enough of us come forward they can file a class action suit which could cost them hundreds of thousands, plus reimbursement for the cost of the service plan. As of right now we are seeking reimbursement of repair costs, refund of the extended warranty, these business practices are what prompted the state dept. To file fraud and deceptive business practice charges on them in late 2014.

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