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BMG Auto Sales Crappy overpriced cars, less than 2 weeks major problem and they would not help Arlington, Texas!!. Purchased a car through this company, it was a little rough around the edges, but seemed alright. They say they have the cars checked out prior to sale. First I find a bent rim when going to get a tire that had a slow leak (first week), the headliner dropped the first week as well… I did not go to them with that, but figured I was ok… The transmission started slipping at the end of the second week. Even though this is a no warranty situation, you would assume that they would at least offer to help you get it repaired as it was just purchased 2 weeks ago, Nope…. I am having my mechanic check out the car, if I find that they put additives in the transmission to cloak this issue I will be suing them. The cars, including mine, are way overpriced (see more than twice kellys high blue book), the cars I saw were ratty, some bad tires, etc. I did not notice that they had stapled the headliner up in my car (yes office staples). They are not honest, they do not help out at all.

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