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Project was completed last Fall, 2012. Although energy audit was done before project, upon completion and state inspection, I was told that water must be replaced. The BH inspector tested it previously and did not advise me of need to replace. Consequently, I had to spend additional money to have the unit replaced. Follow-up inspections from state also indicated that I had failed and rebate would not be issued. The entire process has taken over 8 months and BH Mike Brown is totally unresponsive and no action seems to take place. I have been contacting the state directly to see if I can move things along but they keep pointing me back to BH as ball is in their court. Process has been completely painful and prolonged with no end in sight. BH should not pretend they are doing testing equivalent to the state and warn that the rebate may never materialize since that was a major factor in my decision to go forward with the project.

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By anita

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