Brooklynn Chandler Willy Suspended by Texas Securities Regulator Over Alternative Sales to Conservative Investors


Willy was ordered to return $2.75M in commissions to whom she sold alternative investments.

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brooklynn-chandler-willy-suspendedBrooklynn Chandler Willy (CRD#: 5724422) is currently registered as an investment adviser with Queen B Advisors, where she has been employed since October 16, 2020. Willy is the owner of Queen B Advisors. Previously, Willy was an investment adviser with Global Financial Private Capital from 2014 until 2019.

The Texas securities regulator suspended Willy for allegedly selling alternative investments to unsophisticated, conservative investors without informing her member firm. Willy is accused of failing to perform reasonable due diligence to determine if the investments were suitable for the clients she was recommending them to.

Willy and other agents allegedly gained $2.75 million in commissions from sales of the alternative investments. She has been ordered to pay back the $2.75 million.

Although Willy owns Queen B Advisors, the broker dealer is barred from any discretionary trading in client accounts and from recommending alternative investments for a period of five years.

Willy has two disclosures on her BrokerCheck report.

October 2019 Employment Separation After Allegations

  • Firm Name: J.W. Cole Advisors
  • Termination Type: Discharged
  • Allegations: The adviser was terminated for violation of firm policies regarding participation in unapproved private securities transactions.

July 2018 Judgment / Lien

  • Judgment/Lien Amount: $49,719.62
  • Judgment/Lien Type: Tax
  • Broker Comment: I went through an IRS audit on my 2014 tax return and one item was dissolved but approved only with an amendment. The audit was final in August of 2017 and my accountant  did not submit my amended 2014 return until May of 2018. The amendment is still pending.

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