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Cameron Lunt Garage Totally dissapointed, no respect for its clients, ripping people off, every second. Stay away from this garage. Liverpool Merseyside!!. An extremely unpleasent rip-off garage. Paul is the owner of this garage and spare no time in inflating your invoices. You bring your car with one problem and “they discover” many more, you decide to fix them all paying them many hundreds of pounds each time, it seems like same rule apply. For every small defect you will only get a long to do list from them, happy to rip you off one more time. They have the advantage of the location, being on the main road in Liverpool. If one spare part online or on other stores cost 10 pounds, this garage make it 30 in some cases 50 and that is without VAT. I know the labor cost of these garages in UK are sky rocket but for God sake to change one screw, sensor or something very simple, the minimum they ask is 45 + VAT. They found no major issue on my car so they exagerated with something that is not faulty at all, working perfect! Paul ( the owner ) granted a ” good ” minim price of 250 GBP in order to fix it all in one, 2 hours work for two small parts he can not prove are defect. I went online and found the parts with 15 ( VAT included ) and a mechanic with 40 pounds for 30 min job, lets say 100GBP but surely not 250 plus VAT!! Paul doesn’t like you to complain just to obey and if you don’t, he might simply tell you to F-off straight away. He is that model of a mini Cappone who rules the world. In order to secure a permanent income and work for his buddies, he wont spare the word FAIL on all your MOT paperwork. So much power in his hands, it is impressive… I suggest people to visit a certified professional garage, probably paying less than to this family business garage, you surely can get a job well done and a nice attitude with a smile included. In Cameron Lunt all you get is money out of your pocket, a solid sad face from them and a gerenrous F-off if you comment anything. Stay away from troubles and spend 30 min more to search the serious garage you’ve been looking for in the first place.

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