Carfax Reported a RV roof repair as a total loss Internet!!. 40 ft diesel pusher motor home had roof damage due to wind storm. Gieco paid $13k claim for new roof replacement, a very common loss in the RV world. I went to trade for a newer motor home last week. The dealer pulled the Carfax and discovered Carfax reported the roof repair as a total loss. Completely false and not even close. If it had been a total loss Gieco would have paid me fair value for the coach and taken possession and title. Four dealers all told me the report lowered the value of the coach by 50% costing me $35 thousand dollars and none of them would take it on trade. Carfax stonewalls accepts no responsibility, refuses to assist to correct the mistake or help in any way nor reveal where they got their information from. This one is definitely going to court. I will prevail.

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