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CFNA Firestone Angela The term “Customer Service” is unknown to this company Schaumburg IL!!. This has to do with CFNA “customer service” for bill pay. On 9/22, my bill was due. I went online to pay my bill in the afternoon and the website didn’t work. I tried several times thinking it was just my computer, but their website continued to say it was experiencing “technical difficulties” and suggested I call customer service. I finally did as I had already spent over an hour trying to access. I called “customer service” and an automated answered the call stating reps were busy but my call would be answered in sequence, so not to hang up. I waited. I waited more. I waited nearly ONE HOUR and NOBODY came to the phone. Only their awful muzac kept playing. Finally, I got in and hung up (no one ever answered) and I was able to pay my bill. I also, tho, wrote “customer service” explaining that my payment was

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