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Community Hope, Inc., Parsippany, NJ, a Cause For Misgivings. by Terry Richards Community Hope, Inc., Parsippany, NJ, a Cause for Misgivings Consumer Alert in Donating to Community Hope, Inc., Parsippany, New Jersey PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY – According to Community Hope, Incorporated’s own 2013 financial records 55% of its $11.8 Millionrevenue from private donors and government funding went to Salaries and Wages, 32% went to other administrative costs, and only 13% of its total revenue went to its Homeless Programs for Veterans and others. The consensus of most Philanthropy organizations state that Charitable Organizations should give back a minimum of 60% to its Programs to be a legitimate Charity. The Consensus of the Attorney Generals of all 50-States have said that any Charity that gives back less than 40% of its revenue to its Programs should be charged with Fraud. U.S. Government funded Charities administrative costs including salaries and wages are not supposed to exceed more than 50%. Additionally, Veterans who are Residents of Community Hope for Veterans located on the VA Healthcare System Campus in Lyons, New Jersey are not even being provided food by Community Hope even though Community Hope is being paid a Per Diem by the VA to provide Residents with food. Veterans have to buy their own food from “food stamps” they receive from the State of New Jersey. Set forth below is Community Hope’s said financial statement. RELATED STORIES Homeless Veterans at Community Hope For Veterans claim Patient Abuse, Harassment, Threats of Discharge for Filing Legitimate Complaints Many Veterans Charities a Cause For Misgivings

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