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Don’t work for this company don’t hire this company they are one of the crappiest security companies I’ve came across. There communication skills are the poorest I’ve have ever seen with any company, they don’t care about their employees they will set you up for failure and punish you when you do fail. They will send you to send you to posts that they don’t even know how to get to get to, they give you very little about info about the post. They give you a bunch of procedures that you cannot comply with because they have not set it up for you to comply with and if you don’t have a car your SOL expect long cold nights siting outside in the cold not doing anything, If you can even find the post. and if your any other race other than Hispanic don’t expect to ever make it any further than Patrol. This company is ran by Hispanics for Hispanics, in my opinion the only way to be successful with this Company is to be Hispanic Every one from the brach manger to the guy who takes out the trash is Hispanic.

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