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Both of these products have stopped working. The twin tub was sparking behind the timer and the portable washer won’t spin at all. The portable washer worked for 7 months with zero problems then it just stopped spinning. I have gotten zero help from anyone at this company! I’m so unhappy with all of this. The twin tub I have had less then a day and it’s sparking after 4 loads how am I supposed to feel safe with this in my home??? Is it too much to ask that I just want my family to have clean clothes? I feel like this is a big joke to everyone because no one can give me a answer on how to fix these. I want my Giantex Portable Compact Full-Automatic washer back up and running but it’s like pulling teeth to get a answer. I know that it’s the timer on the machine cuz it goes to spin and it goes from 7 back up to 10 on its count down. I just want a way to get it working again. Please that’s all I aks

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