Do nothing after took money out our bank; no response also sold our contract to third party.


My Complaint: To all those who wanted help from Direct Business Lending of Utah; their website has been changed to ….
On 4/15/2014 we were looking for Small Business Loan to purchase the business online; pop out so we send the inquiry out at the same day.
4/16/2014 morning we received phone calls from Melissa Rojas and David L. of also receive Welcome email from them (basically ask if we are interesting their help).
4/17/2014 David L. offer free Funding Assessment in the email (fill out the inquiry again-2nd times) also setup an appointment – phone conference on 4/18 with their VP Brock Cannon.
4/18/2014 morning Taylor B. sends us reminder email about the conference appointment with Brock Cannon.
4/18/2014 afternoon both of us (me & my wife) had phone conference with Brock Cannon; he sounds very knowledgeable and helpful… about 30 minutes later he asked for total loan broker fee of $3500 which included entity establishment, make business plan, business and personal credit repair, website creation (down payment $329 and monthly of $159.83); Rachel Santizo send eSign paper right after Brock Cannon’s call (he said that without the initial of $329 they won’t start the work) so we eSigned the paper and gave out our banking information with Rachel Santizo at the same day. (They took $329 right away on 4/18)
4/23/2014 4:15pm is the appointment with our lender told by Rachel Santizo. 4/23/2014 4:15pm; phone call from Holly with Direct Business Lending of Utah (she is not the lender???); asked same questions, said the same things as Brock Cannon ….we knew something going wrong… we called the number 1-855-908-9088 x606 NOBODY ANSWER THE PHONE, we emailed [email protected] and [email protected] to cancel the service….NO RESPONSE!!!
4/25/2014 we receive a letter from a different company state that Direct Business Lending of Utah sold our eSign contract to them; they will be our new creditor!!!
To make a long story short; they will do nothing work for you and just got your personal information, signature on a contract and your money from the bank; please check their reviews all the complaint is right on the money!!
I Ben Fuch


My Demand: I want my money back

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