Around the 14 Dec 2013, I was contacted by “Christy Carrena from ELACINCUSA.COM” via email about a job offer after posting my resume for a bookkeeping position. I was told the “Head of Operations” would discuss job details, Pay scale &benefits, etc. All of which happened the following day. Training commenced in the form of downloading AIM. Which was how I was contacted by the “Head of Operations or Supervisor”. Funny thing is upon completing a week of training the phone no# giving for HR was soon disconnected and I was only able to contact “Robert Joseph”. After a week of “paid training” I was told that I should receive a check for training via FedEx. I received the check but upon trying to deposit the check it was flagged as counterfeit. I was never able to receive pay for time spent working. Soon after as I expressed my concern for these events the whole (Mood, Attitude and Demeanor) changed with “Robert Joseph”. I asked to speak with him directly, he claimed he had a sore throat. He the says “OK, did you get my last message. If not get on with your task”. That is when I stated that I should discontinue my employment with you. Also, yesterday when I signed on the “Head of Operations/Supervisor” gave me a task make a payment out of my pocket to reactivate their domain for their website that was shut down. And he became upset that I would not do this saying “Then forget it, is that why you kept me waiting.” My intent is to prevent anyone else from waiting their time with this foolishness. It sounded like a good opportunity but the more involved I got the more I saw what BS this is!!!!!!. I demand I’d like to get my pay for time worked. Stay away

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