Elodie Betend – Chicago, Illinois


I want to start off that this person works with women and children, which doesn’t make sense because my daughter and I became homeless after she slept with my husband. My husband worked at a Whole Foods in Evanston with her, and I guess they started talking and she tried to be his therapist. I […]

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Elodie Betend – Chicago, Illinois

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  • This women is trying to ruin my families life, she is an evil monster! Elodie the sociopathic, heartless whore is trying to steal my eldest child. She is a horrible person! Her outrageous, outlandish lies and devious manipulation have completely alienated my husband and I from our child. We have two other children, that I had to move out of Illinois to protect, since that satanic kidnapping agency had a hard on for my babies and desperately wanted to add them to their collection. They steal kids and slap a price tag on them, selling peoples precious children to equally evil people who want a child so badly they’re willing to steal someone else’s beloved child. My children are very young, adorable and the exact type that wealthy Willamette Familes are looking for, so DCFS was prepared to do anything to get them. Too bad for them that I was prepared to do anything for my children too, including move to the other side of the world. As a result, my whole family is alienated and separated from one another. My husband remained in Illinois to continue fighting for our eldest son. My children are so traumatized by DCFS and the heartless actions of this woman. They miss their father and older brother so much, it’s painful to see how hurt and confused they are. My children are TERRIFIED of DCFS and Elodie, in fact, it’s their greatest fears. Anytime the doorbell rings, they panic and run to hide. I have to hug them and tell them its ok, it’s not DCFS, that they’re safe and no one is going to take them away like they did their brother. My son was stolen nearly four years ago, wen he was five. At six, he was so miserable and missed his family so much, that he attempted to commit suicide and we weren’t permitted to visit him in the hospital, or talk to him. Elodie has told my son that he will never see his family again and that he shouldn’t “get his hopes up.” Elodie lied and said that she couldn’t get a hold of me, that I was unreliable and failed to show up to the scheduled parenting meeting, but the truth is she avoid me and my multiple calls and emails. When I complained to her supervisor, she listlessly reached out and spoke to me, promising to meet me. We set up a meeting at an agreed upon date and time, but when that day arrived, she texted (didn’t even bother to call) telling me she couldn’t make it. I was already there, waiting, when she sent that text. My husband and I filed multiple formal complaints and amazingly we were able to get her fired and that is when that sociopath went and worked at Whole Foods and ruined more lives. Amazingly, that psychopath ends up getting herself hired at another child protection agency, I had no idea their were so many sub divisions of DCFS, but there are. They exist so that parents of different religious affiliations can’t claim they can’t operate due to their religion. Their is Catholic Charities, JCFS (Jewish branch) and this other one that I can’t pronounce that is apparently for Orthodox Jews, which we are not. My sons estranged grandfather is, but he has very little to do with my son or I . We are never going to stop fighting for our eldest son and we are determined to take this women down! She has no business working with families and certainly has no business working with children. If you’re interested in helping us and helping yourself by sabotaging this whores life, please contact me at [email protected]. My family would greatly appreciate your help in taking down this nasty, heartless, evil witch. I really hope to hear from you!

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