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They continually refuse to give them clean water (to save money) and under feed in the pasture, we have photos and videos. In 101 degree heat we have a pic of water bucket with 1” of water for five horses. – constantly dirty water rendering it undrinkable and giving a flake to each horse no matter their size. They moved my horse who is alpha, away from his herd at night without my knowledge or consent (a text after the fact doesn’t count) he was tossed in a place where he couldn’t even see his pasture, with 6 Horses he never lived with. Victoria Principles Horses are at the ranch, but she’s not there every day like myself, to observe. Marie and Prea said they moved my horse to take in evacuees from the fires (they have 82 acres the evacuees could’ve gone into turnouts or one of the arenas). Marie Sebastian is the owner and lies, puts on a false front and Prea, the western trainer speaks on her behalf. Two faced and not too smart, these two continue to mistreat, cut corners and to charge the evacuees and boarders above and beyond. After we posted an honest review on Yelp Marie got 37 people to post good reviews, nailing their own coffin, these reviews were posted within hours of my one honest review. within 24 hours, making it obvious what they’ve done. My horse was so traumatized from what they did that after 3 days we had to remove him from this toxic ranch. Marie knows very little about Horses, Prea is ready to list her qualifications and then pulls a stunt like this, validating her inexperience. If you love your horse you don’t put them in the Machiavellian hands of Marie and Prea. As a post script may we just add that we have never experienced so much theft going on at this Ranch. Four Winds Ranch is toxic, unprofessional and cruel to the animals.

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