Greater Than Gatsby Complaint


After seeing Greater Than Gatsby ads come through my Facebook for several weeks, I decided to finally give their products a try. That was a HUGE mistake. I purchased the Editorial Collection which is supposedly created by Lara Jade and Greater Than Gatsby’s founder, Joshua Hohweiler. Greater Than Gatsby presents itself as a trustworthy and professional company so I didn’t bother running the .zip file that they provided after my purchase through my virus scanner. That was my first mistake. Shortly after downloading, opening, and installing the Photoshop actions provided by Greater Than Gatsby and Lara Jade Photography, my computer began running extremely slow. Photoshop started freezing up for minutes at a time. I decided to reboot and when I did, my virus scanner ran and detected malware in the .zip file provided to me from Greater Than Gatsby! My virus software has been unable to successfully remove the malware and now I’m concerned that my personal information may have been stolen as well. After discovering that Greater Than Gatsby products contain malware, I began to do some research and uncovered several other photographers talking about similar experiences. It’s safe to say that Greater Than Gatsby, Joshua Hohweiler, and Lara Jade are simply selling repackaged products from other action makers loaded with malware that is possibly stealing your personal information. If you’re thinking about buying from Greater Than Gatsby, I would urge you to consider another action maker!

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