He claims to be expert with no fault laws


From the very start because I didn’t care for the first attorney they matched me with, they passed me to 4 different attorneys. Always telling me my back was covered. But,they neglected to file my PIP Rights with Michigan States no fault system. Failure to do so forever bars you to do so. I ended up paying several thousand dollars of health care which would have been covered. The last attorney they teamed me up with, never once showed up to any of my court appointmens. I ended up making a deal with the insurance company because I didn’t trust these guys to take my case to trial. The only professionals I had contact with while with this firm where Lisa, Jennifer, Rhoola and all these very wonderful women that work for this firm. Mike Morse sir, put your money where your mouth is. You owe me many thousands of dollars that I had to pay out because your firm failed to file my personal injury protection Rights on Time.

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