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McCauley Noell distributes emails promoting half price “Intuitive Sessions” for $60. Her websites boast of impressive credentials such as endorsements from Deepak Chopra, television appearances, etc. so it would seem she is legitimate.

The session must be paid for in advance. Beware. Once you’ve paid her for the session which is all on telephone, she asks you to access her giving game program which is ostensibly free, and then uses the entire session to explain how to navigate her website. There is nothing intuitive about it. This is a very clever gimmick in which the winner of the “giving game” is McCauley herself. She is exploiting people researching metaphysical healing modalities online and has the temerity to call it a space of love. This is not so much about the money this person is robbing people of, but how she is exploiting people exponentially, without compunction. A war profiteer is one thing . . . This kind of thing is truly reprehensible.. I demand Full $60 refund. Stay away

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