Hilton Grand Vacations Club Complaint


Buyer beware!!! I toured the Hilton Grand Vacation Orlando property in fall 2014 and received a certificate for a $100 rebate on a future stay at a Hilton Hotel. I stayed at a Hilton property within the 6 month time frame and followed the certificate directions to submit for my rebate. After a couple weeks I received a postcard telling me my “claim” was denied because I didn”t stay at an approved property. I called and finally spoke to a supervisor who verified that the hotel I stayed at was in fact a Hilton, listed on the Hilton website, and he was submitting for reconsideration. Three days later, I got a call telling me the claim is still denied. Although, they verified I met all the requirements of the rebate and would have no way of knowing the one Hilton Hotel in the whole world I chose to stay at didn”t qualify, they refused to honor my rebate. I could not speak to anyone above the supervisor I spoke to. He refused to allow me to talk to his boss or appeal to anyone else. Best part? I can”t stay at another Hilton and submit because it must be the original certificate, no copies, and they won”t return my original certificate or reissue another certificate. Absolutely the worse customer service I can remember receiving… from any industry. I will NEVER recommend a Hilton Vacation to anyone and wouldn”t trust them with my business.

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