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Back in June of 2014 the HSN had a program on in which Mike Mecjak was the guest, since they were selling the presidential quarters. By that I mean Mike claims to be one of the world’s top experts in gold and silver coins.

Here was the pitch…for $150.65 you, I , the public right now can get the complete collection of the presidential dollars along with this free mahogany showcase to store them in for all times. Of course the U.S. Mint is still in production of these dollars and when they are released from the mint they will be sent to you since you have already paid your $150.65. He said NOTHING about having to pay a shipping charge on all future shipments. So when the first four dollars were released, they sent them and added a $21.00 shipping charge and the same for every shipment thereafter. Who in there right mind wants to pay $21.00 for $4.00 worth of quarters. I complained to the Customer Service and they said that it was “IMPLIED” in Mike’s talk throughout the program…”BS” He said nothing whatsoever about having to pay a service charge for anything. This is just a scam that HSN is pulling and Mike Mecjak is in on it. I had two shipments and told them that I was not going to pay for them and that I was going to contact Chase who did get the charges reversed. But at that time they told me that they were going to stop my account and that I could return the coins in 180 days if I so chose to do so.
I called today and talked to an Ashley who wouldn’t make a decision, but put me on hold to find a supervisor, and then came back on line to say there weren’t any supervisors around to take my call. Again “BS”. The time I was on hold she was talking to a supervisor/s about the stink I created last time and what to tell me this time. So now she says I am past the 30 day window and tough sh.t.I told her I am a veteran, a disabled vet and is this how they treat vets?

You know right after the problem in the beginning in June I called my buddy in Minnesota, who is good with computers and he looked up something in the HSN files and saw that they had already pulled the tapes of that show that Mecjak was a guest on. So what does that tell you ?. I demand Full refund after sending the quarters back. Use with caution

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