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Ok , so I get this flyer in the mail to come out for a 90 minute meeting at a hotel to recieve 2 free plane tickets ,and 2 nights in a hotel … I already knew they were going to try and sell me something , Isand trader Vacations tried to sell me a travel membership for Over $8000 , then reduced it to $4,995 , then to $1,495 . of course I said no! and left with my “Free” airline Vochers … They wanted me to sign it and send a $100 to a processing center , and then I would recieve some paperwork and pay an additional $150.00 prcessing fee , not bad right ? (fineprint) well here’s the hook! you have to stay at least a week at one of the member hotels like Marriot … so you have to stay 5 nights , that you pay for , and the cost is at least $150.00 a night , now we are up to $950 for your trip, not including taxes , baggage ect … And you can only book through this company called ETTSI … I was going to pay the $250.00 , get the airline tickets , skip the hotel , and fly to an all inclusive , nope …. can’t do that …you can only fly and depart on a Monday or tuesday forcing you to stay a 6-7 days in a hotel … I priced the trip for 2 going to the bahamas using this “Free Ticket” deal , and it came to $1500 not including meals , I priced a trip to Bahamas for 2 at an all inclusive, and it was $1380 .. ain’t nothing for free … keep your money people , skip the 90 minute seminar … and do something better with your 90 minutes … .

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  • TOTAL SCAM!! Lost $5400 signing up 7 years ago Never able to use. Concierge either NEVER answered the phone or was NEVER able to book ANYTHING that we requested. Called, emailed with complaints, and requests for help. A SALESMAN (from Infinite Discount Living LLC in Las Vegas) answered one time, read me the sales script over, and over until I wanted to scream. Then he told me that we didn’t know how to use the program, but NEVER gave instructions or suggestions on how to get our monies worth of service, but instead just bragging about the wonderful all the benefits of the program. I told him that I wanted to cancel our membership, and requested a full refund, because everything promised by the program was NOT working for us. He asked if I was calling him a liar!! I didn’t call him anything. I just wanted out. Now I KNOW that he WAS INDEED a LAIR!! We were about to give up but tried to challenge the credit card for the $5400 and had some hope for a few weeks. Then we were notified that the challenge had NOT gone through, so we just gave up, and stopped paying the dues to affect an expiration of membership per #18 in the Bylaws. We recently received a “FINAL NOTICE” letter demanding 6 years of back dues costing $894, and threatening legal action including collections if we did not contact them and make arrangements for payment. When we called to discuss the issue, we told the Rep in the Resolutions Dept. that we stopped paying the dues, because we were NEVER even able to use the service and hoped that our membership would just laps and be cancelled per #18 in the Bylaws. He told us that there was a $699 cancellation fee, AND we would STILL have to pay the $894 back dues to get current, and then get out. We told him what had happened with the many emails, and phone calls to complain, get refunds, and get out that NEVER amounted to ANY help or satisfaction whatsoever, that we were now retired, and had even less income now than when we enthusiastically signed up anticipating wonderful travel vacation benefits through the program. He said that there was now NEW MANAGEMENT that had introduced a cancellation policy for people like us that wanted to get out of the “CONTRACT”. He was very understanding, and listened to all of our disappointments, and complaints about the lack of sympathy, and ZERO support from the “customer service” referrals found in the paperwork. In the end he reduced the $894 to $700, and “WAIVED” the $699 cancellation fee. We received 2 emails with the forms to officially end the membership, and ANYTHING to do with ISLAND TRADER VACATIONS. It should be spelled “TRAITOR”, because in reality we actually PAID the $699 cancellation fee to get out even though he fortunately didn’t enforce or demand the 6 years (at $149 per year) of $894 delinquent dues. So in affect we STILL had to PAY the cancellation fee to get out!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS VACATION/TRAVEL SCAM!!!

By anita

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