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Complaint: the company also scammed me out of thousands of dollars. they keep upping your order until they have taken all your money, then they refuse to answer any phone calls. These people are giving the country of India a bad name. total scam don’t even think of using them!!!!! Ur welcome

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    This online pharmacy collected $330.00 for my prescription & never sent my medicine. I spoke with Bobby who behaved like a topnotch, helpful Customer Service representative (CON-ARTIST) as he lied, lied, lied & extorted every last dollar possible!
    They aslld me to pay an additional $ 650.00 for a larger bottle of pills because they “were out of the lower amount”. I am disabled and on a fixed income & I didn’t have an additional $ 650.00 ! THEY REFUSED TO GIVE A REFUND!!!!! LONG STORY SHORT… NO REFUND, NO PILLS, & $ 330.00 LESS MONEY!!!!? RIP OFF! SCAM!

    Call & let them know how you feel about a business that takes advantage of the vulnerable.
    Life Care Meds (904)-647-4868.

By anita

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