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Complaint: My feeling are so hurt . I took a online home school to get my high school diploma I was so excited I’m r1 so I was like why not do it .I payed $350 .On March 11. 2014 I graduated from the school and enrolled into Wake Techical Community College. I atteded for 2 years and I received financial aid. In May of 2016 In May 2016 I was taking summer classes and I was doing chemotherapy but I was determined to finish my classes and I did by the Grace of God . June 26 2016 was my last day of summer classes so I wanted to do fall classes so I registered for my classes and 3 days later I was enforced that my high school diploma was fake . I broke down and cried like a baby I just couldn’t belive that it was true . I had got depress due to this . This has affected me so much so . I just can’t understand how people can do other people like this who is trying to get their high school diploma and just take our money like that . I pray that justice be serve and Every body who got scam t hat we get back our money and extra for our pain and suffering because this has just heart me to my soul when you think you moving forth in life to make a better life for your family then to get knocked back down it hurts but God dont like ugly and one thing I do know you don’t meds with Gods people.

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