Millionaire Operating System


Must invest in a questionable company to continue


My Complaint: This runs close to being a scam. You join MOS for $199 plus $199 per month. You go through a week or more of internet prompts, reading, and telling them all they want to know about you, and then you finally find out, 10 days alter, that you must invest $1995, $9000 or more in another company, Wealth Masters International of Sugarland, Texas, which has several complaints against it, and is rated “F” with the BBB.

Your ‘coach’ tells you that you need to invest in order to grow with them, and that WMI isn’t really as bad as the complaints and the BBB say. Right!

When you complain to the company they say you ‘misunderstood’ and you don’t have to invest in Wealth Masters Int., so they won’t refund you. All focus of MOS points to WMI. Their only sales points are how much you’ll benefit by investing in WMI, the cheapest being $1995. I’m glad I only lost $199!!!


My Demand: No demands. Just reporting to hopefully help others.

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By anita

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