• She also sends full nudes to the men. She has zero regard for other women. She will come into your home, “sleep” in your bed with your husband. She also invites them to her house while her kid is there asleep no morals.

  • Same woman my soon to be ex was with. Lives in Camby. She gave him herpes. She breaks up relationships. Sleeps with her friends husbands and boyfriends. Slore.

  • Mindy is a piece of work. She is a home wrecker, she is a crazy psychotic mess. It’s not enough for her to just sleep with a married man, she harassed his wife and children. She follows them around and threatens them. Shows up at restaurants and tries to sit by you. Shows up at their house or job. If the guy turns her out, she will damage his vehicle. She has tried road rage with me by running me off the road. This woman needs help. She wants the man all to herself so he can give her money. Mindy is desperate to have a man pay for her bad habits. She sends their texts to the spouses too. She wants that relationship completely ruined.

  • Googled this POS because she’s been messaging my husband on Facebook. Sent him nudes. I printed what I found out and sent to him to let him know that he’s tossing away our family for this whore. Found out she’s married too, her husband now knows what kind of trash he’s married to.

  • Wow. I did my research on this thing after I found boobs pics, selfies and sex talk between her and my fiancé. She knows he is with someone and still messages him daily. She is trash and not a real woman. And she likes to get around with taken men. No self respect or self esteem apparently

By anita

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