Pretends to be from Celogen Pharma


Offered Home from work but it was a scam


My Complaint: I was sent an email from a person named Lorraine Diggs saying that they came across my resume on and if I was interested I needed to create a yahoo account/ messenger and add [email protected]. After I did that I was “interviewed” and “hired”. They sent me a “check” for $1900 that I was supposed to deposit to my account and then withdraw it and send it via western union to a Nicole Bolton from Riverdale, GA 30296. The check was obviously fake and I didn’t do anything they asked me to do. I just don’t want other people to fall for this scam. They over nighted the check via fedex and the address the check came from is from a Jon Haitsuka 5321 Thayer Avenue Alexandria, VA 22304. I researched online to see if this scam was listed and found nothing, please let people know.


My Demand: I want this scam to be made public, specially online

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By anita

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