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Ricky Hayes shopify ecom lifestyle university, Ricky Hayes Course, ricky hayes instagram, ricky hayes youtube, ricky hayes ecom lifestyle university, ricky hayes scam Course is outdated, scam course, over charges, and many missing outdated information in the course!!. Ricky hayes is a scammer, his course is rated a 2.0 i should of checked before i […]

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  • Ricky Hayes is scammer indeed, he pretends to earn millions but in fact he has almost no experience in eCommerce, if he is telling the truth he must shows us his annual tax report.

    (Fake it until you make it) this is the path he follows, if he was successful in dropshipping he wouldn’t have sold courses or make a free theme.

    Be aware of those fake gurus, they are making money on the back of newbies like me

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