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My mother received a brand new Windows 8 PC and without asking for my help in setup she then called me in tears that loads of warnings had popped up on the computer saying it wasn’t protected etc etc. She did have Norton installed. Cut a long story short she had then bought the extra Safecart products recommend that she must buy but she didn’t need ! including a call to the USA which resulting in her paying £120 annual support contract. It was too late for me to intervene at that point, the money had alraedy gone from her credit card. Obvioulsy I was unhappy that somehow these scaremongering adverts had got onto her computer within a short time but she should not have been manipulated into buying this softwre nor the support contract. Older, non IT literate people are easy targets. However the reason for this post is bizarrely for you reading this, is to show that it worked out in the end. I called the company directly and spoke to 2 very nice ladies to whom I explained the events and they said my mum would be refunded. I didnt really believe them based on what I’ve read online so I requested tht a supervisor call me back which they duely did to confirm it would happen. I asked them to put it in writing and I received the leter a day or two after. Good news is that the money has been refunded and my mother is very relieved. I have the letter just in case they do raid the card later on but I doubt that will happen now. In conclusino they seem like normally reasonable people on the phone so the issue is with the dodgy scare tactics that are employed to get people to buy stuff that they don’t understand the purpose of. So if you are affected by this company at least in the UK you can call them and they will help you out. Regards, Shaun Oxxxxx

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