Sands Chevrolet Surprise Review


************BUYER BEWARE DISHONEST ALERT******************** My son purchased a car from Sands Chevrolet Surprise he is a first time car buyer was taken advantage of (he has some disabilities doesn’t understand financial) He knew the salesman and the salesman knew about his problems. Anyway he bought the car and was excited about it so I didn’t fight the contract 2 weeks later he took a friends there to get a car unknown to me. He was told if he referred anyone he’d get a referral fee but when he called about it the sales manager said oh we took that off your down payment. How can you take it off a completed contract? His car was purchase 2 weeks before then. I referred a a friend to Camelback Ford and didn’t even purchase a car there just knew someone I didn’t know about a referral and got a check in the mail for 250.00 . After I got that check I decided to call the manager at Sands, when I called I was told it was up to the salesmen to handle that. So to say the least he was taken advantage of twice!!! Dirty dealership .

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By anita

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