Santander Consumer USA, Inc.


Santander Consumer USA, Inc. Predatory Lending Practices, Bait and Switch. Gave me a loan which I did not qualify for and took my money. Fort Worth TX!!. Last year I went to a dealership to find me a car and I became a victim of the bait n switch scheme. I had $2000.00 to buy a car with no income and I was put into a 2018 car which I didn’t qualify for a loan. This was in June 2017, while I was going to try my best to pay for the vehicle, it didn’t work out that way. In September of 2019 hurricane Irma hit and my home was damaged, and my illness came out of remission. I was not able to find a job and what little I had in my investment account got used. I requested a extension from this company and was told that my loan was under 6 months and I didn’t qualify. My car was repossessed and the repossession company did not let me get my valuables out of the trunk unless I gave over the key. I refused to give the key because he hooked up to my car in the

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