Scam-Scam-Scam-Identity thief


My Complaint: My fiance tried this and I felt it was a scam. The promise of pay never comes through. They are basically stealing identities and ordering items and shipping to you like you ordered them. You in turn send them off to someone else who may send again and so on until items just cant be found. When you get original package call the person it says actually ordered the product and then you see they never ordered anything. Then “Karen” the supposed manager at 414-292-9251 blocks the call and wont return calls. Trace one of the emails you get from them and it is coming from like the British islands or some crazy place. Check out the physical address they give on the website in Milwaukee and you see it is a medical building. After all this guess who it makes look like the thief you got it you the victim. Just beware people this is a new one and not very many reviews but do the homework spread the word and lets get this one shut down.


My Demand: Close up shop and stop stealing from people.

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By anita

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