sherri chinnock, California


sherri chinnock, California – Sherri Peters, Sherri Chinnock. Sherri Gaskin. Originally from Warminster, went to Wilson College, then Va, then Ca, loma linda. Now in a relationship with another child and respected people (In -laws are in the medical field and sevent day adventists)who I doubt know the extent of her sexual deviancy, seduction of […]

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sherri chinnock, California


  • Sherri Sexually Seduced The Married Man that Co Owned This business with his wife and father in law. The children were 2 and 4 at the start. She stripped and performed oral sex on the father and husband because she needed validation, money and a sense of belonging She continued to disrupt their lives until she was caught in 2014. She told the man how important he is in her life, how she will care for him forever. She mocked his wife. She can spin a story on a dime. What she states and how she thinks and does are opposite. She is truly without feelings UNLESS it is SHE that is hurt. Rot in hell, scumbag whore pig slut and pathetic excuse of a human. YOU are not.

  • One of her Her lovers, my husband said
    “she is the person everyone fucks”, “but no one marries”

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