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Complaint: I bought two cats from this breeder. One of them died January 25, 2016 – he was only 4-1/2 years old. I bought him on August 13, 2011. When we got to the breeder there were kittens and cats everywhere. When I took him to the vet 3 days later, they told me he was very underweight, he had ear mites and a heart murmur. His name was Simba. He was later diagnosed with HCM, but died of FIP (dry form). I am devastated and heart broken. We spent $5600 trying to keep him alive at the animal hospital. About 4 months later, the first cat I bought from her became sick. I bought him on September 11, 2010. His name is Loki. He is almost 6 years old. He has been diagnosed with IBD and glaucoma. It hurts my heart seeing him so weak. He has lost so much weight. He was 11 lbs before he got sick, now he is 8 lbs. I bring him to the vet very often, as we are trying to get his IBD under control. Since Loki got sick I’ve probably spent over $8000 on vet care. When I emailed Holly to tell her what happened to Simba, she didn’t even respond to my email. I wish I could get in touch with other people who bought cats from her, so we can support each other emotionally.

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Address: Barnegat, New Jersey USA



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  • I know holly personally and you are not alone. I have witnessed many complaints and unethical treatment of her breeding program. I hve personally witnessed her taking entire litters and putting them in the freezer (her way of humanely euthanizing her newly born kittens). Reason: she didn’t like thier patterns. I could honestly write a book on the immoral issues of this breeder.

By anita

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