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You can go into the store, and want a sandwich and they are always out of the required food stuffs three times a week to make it, Are they really a bussiness? Not really, As a bussiness you would assume that they would have ordered the supplies needed.I have seen where they will make your sandwich, then you can’t pay cause the debit is out of order.The southhill location, Don’t goto this location first thing in the morning as you will stand around waiting, As the staff that works nights is leaving all there work till the morning before there boss gets there, so you are left waiting for service.We have three locations in the city and the only one that seems to be able to do the job they advertise is the main st location, Could this be because the main manager for all the subways in the city works there..Complaints fall on deaf ears as nothing ever seems to be done to rectify the problem…thankfully there is numerous other fast food places in the city that are more th

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