Tako Reina Manpourian


Tako Reina Manpourian Marash A Syrian Refugee Adult Webcam Professional in Las Vegas Scams Credit Cards and Obsessed with Children Las Vegas Nevada!!. Tako Reina Manpourian who has the nickname of Marash is a criminal with a horrendous history of child molesting, online fraud, prostitution and credit card scam. The Syrian refugee who was born in 1989 at Aleppo has arrived in the US in 2019 and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has a repeated history of sexual harassment of children as young as two years old. Most of her victims are from the place she pretends she works for. It’s sickening that someone like this monster can get a job as a nanny at “Angels Christian Academy” while she has unrestricted access to children in the absence of their parents.Henderson/Angels Christian Academy is a fostering enterprise based in 2750 Robindale Road, Henderson, NV 89074. Tako has sexually molested on numerous occasions many of the children at this scho

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