Company provides a “service” to powerlevel your world of warcraft character. But when in fact they just steal everything on your account and get it BANNED by blizzard. So you pay for a service (Which you’re never going to get), and they just scam you every which way to sunday. Their customer service sucks… they’re taught very well to avoid and prolong the process until its “too late” for any legal action to be made. They give you the run around, make you talk to one person, transfer you to another who transfers you back to the original person and so on. They use, and email addresses so they become anonymous. The only way I was able to get an initial contact (after about 15 or so emails over 3 days to their website’s various addresses)… I had to file a paypal dispute… which low and behold they responded within 10 minutes! Then they urge you to close the paypal dispute while they work on your issue. (WOW was my first thought when they told me that! RED FLAG SCAMMER!) I urge everyone to make complaints to the IRS, better business bureau, and launch claims any which way you can! These guys are strictly scammers and hold up no legitimate business at all. We need to band together and take these guys down! Keep launching complains, charge backs, whatever!

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