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  • The statements and content posted about me are entirely false, defamatory, misleading, destructive, malicious and without merit.

    To the author of the fake content, I demand that you immediately cease and desist any and all postings and communications related to me, my employer or anyone who has or may have any relation whatsoever to me.

    And that you cease and desist any and all postings and communication of any kind of any unfounded, unsubstantiated or unwarranted allegations having anything to do with me.

    Any further personal attacks or communications of any allegations with respect to me by you, to anyone, will be vigorously prosecuted.

    Be advised that I will seek full recoupment of all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred herein as a result.

    Govern yourself accordingly.

    Mandatory Order – Court File CV-17-587516

By anita

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