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Trey Knight along with his “Partner”” Todd Rowland are frauds! I run a private jet charter business out of Ocala FL and arranged a charter flight for this guy. He paid for the charter by a company check

Trey Knight Inc

and after the trip was completed with no problems put a stop payment on the check. The worst part is he lead us on for a while afterwards by saying that he would re issue a check and that it was a mistake but that never happened. The charter was on September 2-4 2010. He is a liar and a thief. We deal with executives and wealthy individuals

most of whom are an absolute pleasure to work with; the real thing! This guy is a multi level marketing recruiter and probably wanted to look like a big shot by telling everyone he arrived by private jet; I am here to tell everyone he is a fake! We will get our money back…he picked the wrong company to screw!! Stay away from this clown!”

Jacksonville, Florida United States of America

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By anita

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