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I was contracted at a hospital thats staffs 60% trustaff…They turn them over like hot cakes…Its a business for the hospital and for whatever reason works…( issues? for nurses are NOONE knows where or to do anything) . Risks? Huge. The charge and heads can not do the duties that they are managing…Its your license and they will not back you just fire you at will.. and BTW …I reported a nurse(met in orientation) stalked me had psyche issues along with blown pupils addicted to drugs and they let me go for filling out a incident report that I was asked to fill out by a Head of Department supervisor…If I said no(about filling out the report) it would have been my license…If I said yes I will fill it out I knew that would end my contract. It did…hospital has BIG issues with unstable unattended patients who code…and the ER? They lose lives that if researched had more time and if properly treated had a few

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